Group Bambozzi, 100 years of evolution

          The Bambozzi Group history starts at the 20th century beginning, when the Bambozzi brothers came from Italy, specifically Ozimo city, in Ancona State. Still teenagers, they arrived in Brazil with it parents, with the missing land in heart, but with the necessary bravery to take over responsibilities. Basilio and Ferdinando Bambozzi, embraced by the blood ties and by the handcrafter's vocation, promote the genuine history of success, with the conscience that, despite they humble immigrant condition, with hard work and honesty, they can bright in the rising Brazil economic scenery.

          And then, at 15th July 1910, inspired by the entrepreneur spirit of the Bambozzi brothers, started the first workshop to repair coaches, wagons and basic agricultural farm equipments.

           In 1920, the workshop was transfer from the rural area to the urban zone of the Matao City, in countryside of Sao Paulo State. It was established the B. Bambozzi & Irmaos (B. Bambozzi & Brothers): start mark in the industrialization of the city.

           In 1928, the workshop starts to produce equipments to process cereals. So, they became in "Fábrica de Aparelhos Bambozzi Ltda." (Bambozzi Electric Equipments Company Ltd.), starting the manufacturing of ice cream freezers, refrigerators, frigorific equipments, frigorific bars and electric generators.

           The Bambozzi brand it was fixed, by the recognized serious work.

           1945. It is time for innovation.

           In the climax of World War II, the factory already was in evidence in the market. The world crisis affected all the sectors, mainly exports and imports. The refrigeration branch was high damaged because the sulfurous gas, an important element of the freezers and refrigerators, became prohibited by the high cost. It was necessary to surpass the crisis. When Americans brought to Brazil the first steelworks, Bambozzi again diversify with an innovation in the market: the first Bambozzi welding machine, also first in all Latin America. Bambozzi launched the weld machines market in Brazil, when did create and manufacture weld machines for use in all industry sectors.The prosperity in the sector made the thrust of the company, making Bambozzi a national icon in research and technology, despite the bad times of the postwar.

           In 1956, a big dream of the pioneers comes true. Bambozzi was established in a big industrial plant with 88.000 m2 of area, where until today, Bambozzi is installed and operates the production plant. The conquest of the physical space unchains other conquests, like the complete leadership in the Brazilian welding machine industry. The Bambozzi instance did motivate others companies in the area, that appears supported by the technological and human knowledge of the predecessor, what was an assurance of privileged position in the national business scenery.

            In the 60´s, 70´s and 80´s decades, Bambozzi was presented once more it value, when was in eminence like a social responsible company, promoting important enterprises in that direction. Bambozzi was projected also in questions related with the environment, developing projects of reforest in it farms in Mato Grosso (a state of Brazil). Bambozzi was, every more, in essence, a company with a compromise with not only the quality but also the social and environmental responsibility, getting the consequence of the credibility and the success.

           And specially, Bambozzi was a company with a compromise with the diffusion of the knowledge, as in it own cognitive process, generating a significant number of patents of it products, as functions competences in the work force.

           Today, in a continuous concern about reinvention, Bambozzi seeks the energy and the inspiration of it founder fathers, to open new possibilities and be reinserted in the national and international scenery as from the New Bambozzi Management Model.