Dollar closes week higher after statements on US interest rates
The dollar closed higher on relção the real on Friday (27), the lowest value since the beginning of April, a day marked by low turnover in the holiday amendment of Corpus Christi. The increase was sharp after statements on US interest rates Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve, the US central-bank.

The US currency rose 0.38%, at R $ 3.611. See the dollar today. For the week, the dollar rose 2.64%.

Follow the share price during the day
At 9:09 a.m., up 0.32%, to R $ 3.6089
At 10h19, up 0.84%, to R $ 3.6279
At 10h49, up 0.72%, to R $ 3.6235
At 12.10, up 0.5%, to R $ 3.6156
13h, up 0.53% US $ 3.6165
At 14h29, up 0.09%, to R $ 3.6007
At 15.20, up 0.51%, to R $ 3.6156
At 16h19, up 0.21%, to R $ 3.6051

In May, the dollar is up 4.97%. This year, however, there is depreciation of 8.54%.

"The market is very exhausted and today remains very concerned about the policy," summed Reuters brokerage operator B & T Mark Trabbold, noting that low trading volume tends to accentuate the impact on prices.

important related to the president of the government in Michel Temer year figures have been struck by excerpts from recordings press reports that have resulted in the fall of former planning minister, Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR).

According to Reuters, investors fear that it will weaken the government's ability to adopt fiscal austerity measures in Congress and affect the country's credibility with foreign investors.

Dollar week

The Central Bank announced foreign exchange intervention, remaining absent from the market for the sixth day of business followed.

external scenario

In the morning, the US Commerce Department announced that US GDP had grown more than estimated in the first quarter, which ended up influencing the dollar against the real.
That's because data from the US economy the strongest may lead the Fed, the US central bank to raise interest rates sooner than expected. With this, investors end up preferring to apply in the US and thus take their dollars invested in Brazil and lead to the United States. Consequently, the price of the US currency against the real rises.

This afternoon, Janet Yellen said the US Central Bank should raise interest rates "in the coming months" if economic growth improve as expected and jobs continue to be generated, Reuters reported.

"The economy continues to improve ... the growth seems to be improving," Yellen said in remarks in Boston. "If it continues and if the labor market continues to improve, and I expect this to happen in the coming months ... such a move (higher interest rates) will be appropriate."

"Yellen was in line with what we've been hearing from other members of the Fed, pointing to the possibility of rising interest rates soon," he told Reuters economist at Renaissance Mark Person brokerage.

Author: Do G1, em São Paulo

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