Beware of social media: your future employer is looking
The photos that last wild party could cost you your next job. Doubt? A CareerBuilder survey of more than 5000 professionals showed that 60% of employers use social networks to find job seekers in the United States. Ten years ago, only 11% had this practice - an increase of about 500%!

Among researching the lives of candidates online, 49% say they have found information on the network to give up hiring.

See below the main information found that made you change your mind:

- Photos, videos or provocative or inappropriate information (46%)
- Information about drinking or using drugs candidate (43%)
- Discriminatory comments about race, religion, gender, etc. (33%)
- Critical to other employers or co-workers (31%)
- Low communication skills (29%)

And even if you are not planning to change jobs, caution and chicken soup not hurt anyone: 41% of respondents say they use social networks to research current employees - and 26% say they have found content that caused them to berate or dismiss an employee.

Author: Do G1, em São Paulo

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