Industrial Grinders
6000 Kg
- Retraction of cable by spool mounted on rolling bearing with grooves...
Wire rope hoist 250 to 1000 kg
Hoist gearbox 250 to 1000 kg
Bearing housing with the motor pulley 20 to 1000 kg
Full Disk Brake pulley 250 to 1000 kg
Carved electromagnet 250 to 1000 kg
See the cities with the most dismissals and that most hired in April
Across the country, they were closed 62,000 formal jobs in the month. SP led attrition; Juazeiro (BA) was the most engaged.
Petrobras increases production of oil equivalent in Santos
In December, Petrobras´ daily production exceeded the mark of 200 thousand barrels of oil equivalent (oil and gas) per day in the Santos Basin, informed the company this Wednesday.