Welding Intelligence by Superior Electronic

The innovative technology based in the application of a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) circuit, in charge of the operation, supervising and effective control of the machine and a welding power system totally unique.

 Welding machines developed by Bambozzi for all welding process and a full range of currents, a new circuit topology with only one semiconductor (thyristor) in serial with the load with very less stress over the thyristors and lower harmonics returning to energy supply and very high Power Factor. The energy economy is about 30%, with a digital chipset and analogical components replaced by software, resulting in a very small and low cost chipset as replacement (with 2 years warranty).

Closed-Loop concept, all time monitoring by processor with correction of the complete parameters, active control over voltage dropping during open arc and more easy and smooth opening. The perfect regulation with real parameters, no matter disturbances on supply energy or temperature and protection against energy supply variations, 15% up and down.

IHM system: adjustment through an encoder potentiometer, with an endless spinning knob, real Amperes or Volts presented by an electronic display, with full time memory. Endurance, reliability, high power, strength, simplicity, low cost of purchase/ maintenance, the superior features not found in inverters. Stability, quality, easy open arc, precision, energy save, reduced size and weight with high technology at levels does not found in electromechanical machines.